Great 110 Legacy - GE 110 Anniversary Product Launch

You love your family. You want to see your children growing up. Be part of their lives, see them going to kinder garden, going to primary school, and finishing their tertiary education. Do you still remember the first time you hold your baby in your arms? How did you celebrate the first birthday of your baby? How did you feel when you witnessed your child took the first step when learning to walk? Do you still remember the first word your baby uttered to you? Was it “mama”…. or “papa” first? I am sure you have gone through bitter sweet experience with your loved ones. You want to grow together with them, you want to nurture them, you want to be with them when they need you the most. They are your legacy.

AccidentLife is full of uncertainties. What you hope for and wish for, may not always come true. This is especially true when your loved ones are your dependents. No one can replace you as a parent in your children’s life. You support them emotionally and financially. You provide all the basics in their lives – the shelter to keep them safe, the food to keep them free from hunger, and the clothing to keep them warm. These are the basic necessities that you are providing to them as a parent. However, if an unfortunate event were to take away your ability to earn an income, or a premature death were to hit you, can your loved ones survive the financial hardship that you leave behind?

Securing the future of your loved ones is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to them. By creating a priceless legacy for them, you can ensure that your family will be well provided for, today and tomorrow. Although life is filled with uncertainties, you can ensure that your legacy will not only be protected but will also be enhanced – through Great 110 Legacy.

During this special limited time offer period (5 Jun 2018 – 4 Sep 2018), you will enjoy the privilege to purchase this plan with guaranteed lower premium rates of 20%, which will remain unchanged throughout the policy term. Providing added protection against the unexpected, the plan is specially designed to provide you with extra benefits for a greater future. With Great 110 Legacy, you can confidently embrace all of life’s possibilities with a legacy that lets you go further towards realising your dreams.

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Great 110 Legacy
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